Friday, December 23, 2011

Rome: First Impressions

Borghese Gardens
Clean - Rome is very clean.  Yes, we've seen a few empty wine bottles littering the streets but, for the most part, the fountains are clear, the streets are clean, and there is no dog shit to dodge.

Fashion - Almost everyone is dressed well.  Not to the same degree as we had expected (I was scared to wear trainers for fear of being identified as a tourist), but still definitely more fashionable than we're used to.  Black, shiny, puffy coats are all the rage.

Not Super Cheap - We had expected the same economic spectrum as we experienced in Paris and New York but that is not possible in Rome.  There is no super cheap here.  There is sort of cheap, middle of the road, and expensive.  Our first meal, at 1am on our arrival date, was a slice of fungi pizza and a beer each which cost €8.  Our first real sit-down meal - cacio e pepevino rosso di casa, and tiramisu for dessert - was €32 for two.  There are no €3 poulet rotis nor €1 litres of wine but we're managing to find some good deals (I'm writing this while enjoying a €4.99 bottle of Limoncello).

Very Picturesque - Every corner turned is another ruin or ancient building to marvel.  It's overwhelming.

Laid Back - The Italians are super laid back.  We've knowingly mispronounced countless Italian words but have not been corrected once.  They seem friendly, happy, and welcoming.

vending machine on Via del Corso
Liquor Laws - Any day, any time, you want wine, you've got wine.  You want that pizza takeaway?  You want a beer with that?  Awesome.

Honest People - We love the Italians!

Weather - Romans have no idea how great they have it.

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