Monday, August 27, 2012

Yelp Love

I love sharing my opinions.  Unfortunately, not many people like hearing what I have to say, at least not constantly.  Luckily, since about 2006, I've had other outlets for sharing my perspective besides just pestering those sitting next to me.  In 2006 I wrote my first review and, as of today, exactly 3 people have found that review helpful.  Clearly worth the effort.

In 2010, looking for an outlet for my opinion about my new home in Dundee, Scotland (and having no friends nearby nor very responsive in email) I stumbled upon Yelp.  The Yelp community in Dundee is small (I believe there was only one other Yelper in the area), but it was an outlet and I enjoyed it.  However, my relationship with Yelp didn't really blossom until I relocated to London in 2011.

The London Yelp community is awesome!  They throw amazing free events, have an active online community which also meets up in person for drinks and events, and the people all seem to be really friendly and happy.  Last summer we only got to experience a small sampling of how great this community is so upon our return to London this past July of course we picked right back up with them.  There has already been a Meet the Owner event and a couple of nights out with various members of the community.  We're meeting new, awesome people and having a great time!

Yelp is exactly what I needed after 2 years of solitude in Dundee!  I feel like I've got friends again, and a full social calendar, and people read what I write and send comments.  I love that socialising in person with the people you meet online is actively encouraged with Yelp sponsored events.  Yelp is perfect not only for an ex-pat (because most in the community are Americans) or recent transplant but for anyone wishing to shake up their usual routine.  I wish I'd been more active in the Seattle Yelp community before we left.  Happily, I won't make that mistake again and am already looking forward to joining the NYC Yelp community come January.

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